Dos and Don’ts of PR

With an ever-competitive marketplace when it comes to brands trying to make their voices heard, it goes without saying that you need to stand out from the crowd!

So, here are a few suggestions of what to do, and not do. Here goes:


  1. Be Real and Authentic – People really want to connect with brands so be sure to engage with them through good content, creatives, blogs and digital marketing
  2. Tell your story – It’s really important to share your business story; where you’ve come from, and where you’re heading. Really think about what potential customers/clients will find appealing and want to read
  3. Be choosy – Always choose quality over quantity, don’t just fill your website, email marketing or social media pages with ‘wishy washy’ content because you feel you have to be doing something on a daily basis
  4. Reach out – You want people to know about your brand, then reach out to journalists, engage with them, start a two-way partnership which can go on to reap real rewards. Nowadays, the preferred method of contact is email, but you can also find many journalists on Twitter, so do your research, then why not send them a tweet!
  5. On the Record – Always assume what you say or send could be published. Unless you have a REALLY good relationship with a journalist, don’t expect by using the phrase ‘off the record’ that it will cover you
  6. Stay on trend and topical – It’s always good to keep on top of the news and what’s going on. You can ‘piggyback’ on topical events, and also adapt any business campaigns where necessary to ensure sensitivity at all times


  1. Use the ‘sell, sell, sell’ approach – This really doesn’t go down too well, and on socials particularly, should really be an 80/20% split – the latter being where it’s considered OK to promote your business. Sharing content, engaging with others, or commenting on hot topics/news, will be far more successful in the long run
  2. Tell porky pies – NEVER tell lies about your business or over-promise, especially when dealing with media. It will only backfire, big time!
  3. Send bulk emails – If you are distributing a press release, avoid ‘blanket’ emailing. Imagine you’re a reporter receiving hundreds of pitches a day, are you going to read anything not sent with a personal touch? Answer is NO.
  4. Worry be happy – It’s highly unlikely that everything you post, send, or write about, is going to be well received, so just keep on going, persevering, and eventually, you’ll find that winner!

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