How ‘piggybacking’ can add value to PR

When it comes to ‘piggybacking’ or ‘newsjacking’ when done well it can truly add value to a brand’s presence in a competitive marketplace.

So, what is Piggybacking?

Piggybacking is the art of elevating a brand’s awareness and audience engagement by harnessing what is happening in breaking news or Twitter trends on any given day.

The beauty is you can really position your brand as a leader or expert in the field, get people talking about you, and make a big impact, IF you have the right content to share at the right time and know how to turn it around in a speedy fashion.

Steps to piggybacking success

  1. Sign up to receive breaking news alerts on the top news network e.g., BBC, Sky News
  2. Ensure you have all the upcoming awareness days/campaigns to hand (there are several sites whereby you can download a UK or global calendar) so you can have ready-to-go content
  3. Get those media assets lined up (photos/videos/interviewees) to make jumping on the bandwagon easier
  4. Think about pulling a quick infographic or some stats together if a breaking news story or campaign is something you can lend an expert voice to (media LOVE a stat!)
  5. You need to be reasonably quick, but be savvy, think before you speak – know what to say before pushing something out too eagerly. Remember, you are trying to make your brand heard so you need to stand out from the noise
  6. Strengthen your social media content by cross-promoting on other communication channels, for example, if you have something a little wordier you would like to share, then consider adding to social media marketing by writing a blog, adding it to your website then signposting people to it
  7. Finally, just give it a go! As long as it’s done thoughtfully, piggybacking can really work wonders - what have you got to lose right?

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